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CCD, through its experience over 20 years, will create residential communities in all sectors of the market in the Western United States and based in Phoenix, AZ. CCD will provide sustainable, respectful housing for all economic levels focusing when possible on workforce housing

Community Developers Services

Mr. Timm, founder and manager, has over thirty years of experience in residential development from conception to final approvals. He has recently formed CCD to further develop residential communities and to share his knowledge of the residential development process. CCD along with CCD’s affiliate organizations will focus on the development and construction process from land selection, product development, entitlement processing, pre-construction, construction and stabalization of residential communities. CCD will perform these services for it’s own projects and on a limited basis on a consulting basis for other developments where conflicts are waived.

Real Estate &
Community Development

CCD along with it’s primary equity partners will undertake finding and developing housing to meet the growing needs of each community selected for development. If necessary, CCD will endeavor to entitle those developments with it’s long established relationships with consultants, architects and engineers. Once entitled, CCD will undertake the construction of those developments through it’s own affiliated construction company and long standing sub-contractor relationships. CCD will work with cities to make certain all the necessary work is completed and that all final requirements are completed including environmental and safety consideration for the welfare of those residents of the community. Once completed, CCD will assist in the stabilization and final use of the product. In most cases this will be for rent but in some minor cases these homes will enter a for sale program as well.

Development Consulting

On a limited basis, CCD will endeavor to assist fellow developers achieve the completion of their developments by using the same relationships and development processes that has been honed and sharpened for CCD over the past twenty years. These services will be on an hourly basis.

What is Community Development?

Why Contract a Community Developer?

It is often beneficial to have a developer involved in your project. Our team of experts have been working for years building communities from the ground up and understand what will be required from start to finish of any residential development project. Since each community has its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, hiring a community developer can save you time and trouble by helping you through the complex process of envisioning, constructing and stabilizing residential developments.

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About Us

Paul Timm has been developing residential projects since 1992 when he collaborated with Countrywalk Homes and helped them with their projects until 2004 when he purchased the company. While 2008 was difficult for all home builders, Mr. Timm was able to workout all of the projects he had and keep that company going. It still exists today and is owned by Mr. Timm. For the past 8 years, Mr. Timm has partnered with Steven Pritulsky in a venture with the Watt Family from Santa Monica to develop for sale and for rent housing in the Arizona market. This resulted in detached, attached and high rise residential development both for sale and for rent. These projects have all come to a successful completion and are either sold or remain an ongoing interest of Mr. Timm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Economic priority: ensuring that the development project will be financially successful in order to provide a return on investment.
Marketing priority: ensuring that the target market will be reached and that their needs will be met.
Legal priority: ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
Community developers face different problems. First, they have to deal with the initial problem of finding vacant land within a community that is fit for development. Community developers also need to address other concerns like zoning laws and ordinances.

The first stage of community development is a feasibility analysis to examine the options for realizing the value of a real estate asset. This analysis also investigates the market, entitlement, and financial issues that may arise. The next stage of community development is the design and implementation process. The design stage is where the physical components of the community are planned. Implementation occurs after approval by all necessary legal and governmental entities. The final phase of community development is management. This includes all functions that run the community, such as monitoring and maintenance of amenities.

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